The Best POS and eCommerce System for a Small Shop


There was a time that computers were exotic: now, almost every business, even the smallest businesses are moving from online. If you have your online business, you probably know how difficult it is to find a P0S or an eCommerce system solution which will allow you to market your products, run emailing campaigns and have affiliate programs at the same time.

You must find good POS and eCommerce systems for your small shop to guarantee you success. Make sure you research your software a lot before implementing it. Read reviews online, ask on forums about it. Once you find some good software, set it up, configure it and half of the job will be done. Now, all you need to do is follow a few strategies to take advantage of this software.

After a critical research, it is clear that ShopKeep is the best POS System for a small shop while Shopify is the best eCommerce system for the same. ShopKeep POS System is a cloud-based service and offers the best pricing with high ability to run and make your business grow. It is also a complex iPad System for small retail shops and is packed with great business features but at a low price. Its aim is to keep pricing affordable and simple. It has a standard charge of $49 per month and also has a full-time email and phone support. ShopKeep payments are made monthly and therefore one can decide to shift to another POS at no early-termination cost. It is cheap compared to other POS Systems. Its initial cost is approximately half the cost of other POS Systems.

E-Commerce Solutions for Small Business

Features of ShopKeep

ShopKeep has many features which make it the best for small shops. Here are some of the features:

Credit card processing:

ShopKeep uses its credit card processor. It also allows you to use a third party processor if you have a merchant account somewhere else.

Fast Checkout:

This POS system is easy to use and therefore can quickly process and keep lines moving.

Inventory Management:

ShopKeep offers powerful inventory features compared to other POS Systems. e.g., it uses inventory triggers to set automatic reorders from suppliers and low inventory alerts.

Customer Management:

The POS system helps you increase sales by understanding more from clients and nurturing good relationships with them.

Employee management:

ShopKeep helps the shop owner to keep track of employee performance directly from the system.

Reporting tools:

ShopKeep has analytic tools to generate reports and also deliver sales reports for better decision making.

Offline mode:

This system helps to keep sales moving even with internet outages.

Third party integrations:

ShopKeep connects the Point of Sale system with apps and software you already use hence saving you time and minimizing manual entry errors.

Efficient customer support:

The system comes with a broad range of customer support resources, and all are free to access. They include Chat support. Social media, 24/7 email and phone support, Video support, (FAQ)—frequently asked questions, Support center, Community support, ShopKeep blobs and Small Business 101 Support service.

ShopKeep is a very efficient POS for small shops, but it may not fit some businesses considering personal factors and some other business-related factors. On the other hand, Shopify remains to be the best eCommerce system for your small retail shop. Shopify is packed with unique and successful features like live chat, email, and phone customer support. It is cheap and most favorable for small enterprises.

Features of Shopify

Best price:

Shopify offers the most affordable packages for small enterprises. Its subscription starts from as little as $9 per month.

Easy to use:

Users can set up accounts in a few seconds. It has a simple dashboard with a clear side navigation menu. This makes it easy to get to a specific task quickly. The system’s online shopping cart easily lets you accept PayPal and credit card payments as well as automating sales to save your time.

Different shopping tools:

Shopify also offers several types of shopping tools to help one run and grow the online business, for example, A search engine optimization wizard to help customers easily find your shop and products on Google.

Marketing tools:

Shopify eCommerce system offers marketing tools to help you find or retain customers. Some marketing tools include:

  • Facebook and Google ads
  • Product reviews.
  • Facebook selling
  • Social network integration
  • Custom gift cards
  • Targeted email marketing
  • Discount and coupon generation

Other benefits of Shopify

  1. Shopify provides more than one shopping cart and an online store. Shopify also has Customer relationship management (CRM) system, a content management (CMS) system, and third party integration to connect to apps you already use.
  2. The company manages infrastructure and security for the online store, and upgrades are automatically installed.
  3. Customer Service. A determined and dedicated support team is available all through via phone, live chat, and email. Shopify also offers a base of FAQs, discussion forums and eCommerce University for those who prefer resolving problems by themselves.


The POS and the eCommerce systems for your shop should not fail you. You need to ensure the systems are good by considering the above factors. So basically, if you want successful POS and eCommerce systems you must combine your knowledge of your products, with your newfound findings of your customers, and use the shopping cart software to implement all of this. This way, both you and your client will be happy.  E-Commerce Comparion Reviews

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