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Essentially, because shoppers have a vast selection of online stores to choose from, they can easily navigate from one website to another without incurring any loss or using any effort. Thus, to maintain a steady stream of customers to your eCommerce website you have to make it as user-friendly as possible. Regardless of how good your products or how reasonably price they are, no customer will put up with a complicated and difficult to navigate website. There are several things you can do to make your eCommerce site usable. Towards this end, below are five useful tips on how to make your site more user-friendly.

  1. Simplify the registration process

One of the things that most online users, your customers included, find annoying is lengthy account creation processes. For an eCommerce website, you do not need to collect a lot of information from your clients. To get started all you will need is the customer’s email address, name, password and username if you think it is important. Do not include unnecessary tabs such as for their phone number, what they do and so on. The home address might be important for shipping purposes. If the registration process is simplified, you will have more people registering on your eCommerce website.

Another important factor to consider is the call to action button. This is the icon on your website that invites online shoppers to create accounts on your website. For this button to be effective, it needs to be large enough to be visible. Also, the color of the button should contrast that of the website’s background. This way the button will stand out from the rest of the website and will be easier to locate for new shoppers.

  1. The search tab should be identifiable

More often than not a customer will come to your website looking for a specific product. Such a client will neither have the time nor the interest to scour your website in search of the product they want. Therefore, such a client will be more interested in your website’s search field. Thus, the search field should be clear and in a visible position. The best position for a search bar is at the top somewhere in the middle of your website’s homepage. Apart from it being well positioned, the search bar needs to be large enough that a customer will see it immediately upon accessing your website.

  1. Make it possible for clients to buy without having to register

As already mentioned one of the most annoying things to customers is a long registration process. To make it easier on your clients and thus improve the usability of your website, make it possible for customers to buy products without having to register. After a customer has bought something through this clear channel, you can then invite them to create an account. This creates a personalized experience for the clients and gives your website a higher customer retention rate. So the next time a customer wants to make an order, they will be more willing to create an account to make the process easier for them.

  1. Utilize breadcrumb navigation

When driving in an unfamiliar territory, it helps to have markers on the road showing you how far you are from your destination. Similarly, when customers are making purchases on your eCommerce website it helps them to know how far they are to completing the sale. Thus, it’s important for you to use what is called breadcrumb navigation. There are different types of breadcrumb navigation you can use, the two most important being path and location.

The benefits of using this kind of navigation are many. One of the advantages is that it helps clients backtrack to a process they want to amend. Also, breadcrumb navigation eliminates the need for “forward” and “backward” buttons on a browser. With this kind of navigation, a client will know where they are on the website and how to go back. Breadcrumb navigation will also provide links to other pages on the website which a customer may be interested in. Thus, in general, breadcrumb navigation improves the overall usability of your website.

  1. Improve security and privacy

On eCommerce websites, customers have to give off their financial information to make a sale, such as their credit or debit card information. As such, privacy and security of information are critical to any online shopper. As an e-retailer, it is important to assure your customers that your website is secure. You can do this by getting a safe certificate such as Hacker Safe. Additionally, be keen to update your SSL certificate. This will help you build trust with your customers. In essence, the shopping process should be free from interference or intrusion from third parties. To guarantee total security you have to invest in the security of your website. Also, you have to get secure shopping cart options.  Click here www.mihambablog.com

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