20 Tips for eCommerce Web Design and Usability


Websites are nowadays the soul of any business. Virtually no business fully blooms these days without having an online presence. Regardless of the amount you spend on advertising via traditional methods, the methods will not do you a huge favor as that of having a highly functional website capable of fetching customers for you.

Designing an eCommerce website is not an easy process as it has to be done with a lot of diligence, care, and caution. This isn’t something that can be done hastily. Before going for eCommerce web design, you need to know what you want from the website and how that benefits the users and visitors who have access to the website. It is important to understand the basics of designing an eCommerce website that can help you to create something that is useful and worthwhile.  View Best eCommerce Cms

The success you achieve with your business is directly related to the perfection of your eCommerce website design. There are certain famous tips for effective Website Design Company. This article puts together 20 Tips for eCommerce Web Design and Usability.

    1. The very first step is to understand what an excellent web design is all about. Many people in the industry believe that a great appearance is everything a website needs. That’s not true. Of course web appearance does matter, but it’s not only the appearance that matters.
    2. The next thing is the navigation; every web navigation of an eCommerce website should be clear. Placement of buttons for navigation must be done in a sensible manner. Having a flashy website will not gain you more visitors, but a unique design is attractive.
    3. The design of the website should be as light as possible. The loading time should not be affected adversely by design. If you incorporate too much of graphics to your site, it may seem attractive, but you will not get enough visitors to see the attractiveness. You can’t expect a visitor to wait for more than 30 seconds to get your website loaded in the web world where there are thousands of other options.
    4. The eCommerce Web design should be relevant to your business. If you are doing real estate business, don’t go for a design that depicts a matrimonial service site. Genuinely it will seem awkward, and this reflects the scarcity of your professionalism.
    5. The design must be done so that customers can get clear information at the least number of clicks. Even if your design is attractive, no one is going to spend extra time in searching for information they need. Information regarding the products or services you offer must be shown in a convincing and graceful manner.
    6. The design should clearly guide the visitors. Your Logo must be clearly seen as this is important in brand building and will be beneficial for you in the long run.
    7. Web content has a huge influence on the customers you are going to get. There should be a high-quality, informative and accurate spacing of the web content.
    8. Always ensure that the design of your eCommerce website is engaging. It should help initiate a sale by convincing customers and visitors about the reliability of the products.
    9. Make sure you offer reliable payment options for your visitors through your website. This will give them a peace of mind and will also help in developing a trustworthy relationship with you.
    10. Choosing the right shopping cart extension is also essential for your website. Maintaining the lucidity of your site is important as it helps customers have a hassle free shopping experience. This aspect should not be overlooked.
    11. An eCommerce website is your online store that helps feature the products that you want to sell. It’s important to plan beforehand the products you want to be out for display, the designing of the products and their description. These factors shall determine the sale of your products and the success of the website.
    12. Maintaining the transparency and credibility of your website is crucial in helping build trust with visitors. All details like company’s name, mailing address, web address, and contact numbers should be included. It should also contain the policy of transaction.
    13. Every online buyer is on the lookout for the best deal. So, ask your web designer to place the sales or discount offers in a position they can be easily visible to visitors.

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  1. Remember that there are thousands of online shopping websites on the internet. If the users find your website difficult to comprehend, they will simply move onto another website. Hence, it is imperative to keep the interface of your website simple and user-friendly so that the targeted customers can easily find the required information on your ECommerce website.
  2. The images of your products should be excellent. Let your customers feel they have seen the product for real, and do not only limit yourself to only one picture.
  3. If you really want to convert users into buyers then let the shopping cart be in a good place on your website so that they can easily be visible to the users. It’s suggested that you put the shopping basket at the top right-hand side of the website.
  4. The design should be unique and offering competitive features compared to other eCommerce systems.
  5. Should provide product links to allow customers to analyze what you offer to them.
  6. Your web design ought to provide customers reviews to assist you in marketing your products.
  7. The website should allow for affiliate links. This will help you sell your products to potential clients.
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